Explain to what extent the four management functions are related and similar.

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The four main functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning involves the creation of strategies to achieve company objectives. Organizing is whereby the manager brings together the resources required to achieve the firm’s objectives. Since the manager needs his or her employees to succeed, he or she has to motivate them to work towards those goals. The act of influencing employees is called leading. The final function is controlling. This is whereby the manager monitors and evaluates the performance of the workers and the organization. The manager has to control the process so that everyone plays their part.

If you look at the above explanation, you will notice that the management functions are related to one another. They complement each other because one has to come before the other. For example, there has to be a plan in place before the manager can organize resources. The functions are also similar because they are geared towards helping the company achieve its goals.

However, there is a limit to the similarities and interrelatedness of management functions. In most companies, there are different levels of management. The top-level management is in charge of organizing resources and approving budgets. Middle-level management also has organizing authority, but they are limited to hiring employees. The low-level managers work directly with the employees and make sure that they have everything they need to be efficient in carrying out their duties. You will notice that the similarities and connection of management functions are limited by the manager’s role or hierarchy.

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There are four management functions, and they are related to each other. These functions include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Planning refers to deciding what the company wants to accomplish and what steps are needed to accomplish the plan. Organizing is related to planning because the managers must decide what resources are needed to accomplish the plan. They determine the activities that need to be done and how they will be done and determine who will do the activities.

Leading is connected to the previous functions because the managers need to motivate the employees to accomplish what the company wants to do. Workers need to buy into the plan, and the leaders can help to do this by supervising and encouraging the employees.

Controlling is determining if objectives have been accomplished. The managers must determine why goals haven’t been accomplished should this condition exist. These goals could include financial goals, but they may also involve having satisfied customers as well as meeting production goals. Controlling is related to the other goals because it is a culmination of the previous goals. If goals aren’t being met, management must determine why that is occurring.

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Planning involves determining and allocating the required resources to the different processes expected to meet the goals and objectives of the organization. In this regard, planning relates and is similar to the organizing function since they both deal with the available organization resources. Organizing deals with the scheduling of the allocated resources, while planning deals with the allocation of the resources.

The leadership function relates to both the planning and organizing functions because leadership deals with decision-making and during the allocation and scheduling of resources and processes a key function is the decision-making process. Decisions have to be made with regards to how the available resources are allocated to the different tasks. Similarly, decisions have to be made on how the tasks and resources are categorized in order to achieve the planning and organizing functions respectively.

Lastly, control relates to the planning, organizing, and leadership function because it evaluates all the functions to determine whether the objectives of all the functions are met. Control also serves as the troubleshooting function of the entire process because it discovers the problems and provides solutions facing the process chain, which is similar to the leadership function of problem-solving and decision-making.

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The four management functions are as follows: 1) Planning, 2) Organizing, 3) Leading, and 4) Controlling. 

1) Planning—Planning includes the steps necessary to be taken to formulate and create a concrete plan aimed towards goal that benefits the organization overall. 

2) Organizing—Organizing includes the steps necessary to be taken to accumulate and distribute company resources in accordance with the aforementioned plan. This would also include the delegation of tasks to employees.

3) Leading—Leading includes the interpersonal interactions necessary to form solid relationships between manager and employee. This includes communication, motivational speech, encouragement, critiques, and so on. 

4) Controlling—Controlling involves a comparison between the goals that were set and the actual results in relation to those goals. If the goals are not met, changes may be needed to be made within the company. These include promotions, demotions, firings, and so on.

Every one of these functions is related due to the fact that each function is geared toward the creation and completion of company goals. Managers have a responsibility to oversee employee behavior in order to ensure that the company is always progressing in a linear manner. Each function is reliant upon the other functions as a means to produce and maintain positive behavior within the company. Managers must make plans, organize according to these plans, lead the company towards the completion of these plans, then control the workplace environment in accordance with performance. Each function is interrelated. 

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