Do I have a chance of playing in the NBA? I am 11 and I am 5 feet tall. I am very fast and can shoot the 3 ball and penetrate.

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At this point, it is much too early to know if you have any real chance of playing in the NBA.  If you are only 11, there are too many factors that can still change and which will impact your chances of making it in the NBA.  In addition, we cannot give you any realistic appraisal of your chances without having ever seen you play.

The cold truth of the matter is that neither you nor anyone else is particularly likely to make it to the NBA.  You have not made it to high school yet.  Let’s assume that you do eventually make your high school varsity team.  Only about 3 of every 10,000 male high school basketball players ever get drafted by an NBA team. 

As for the fact that you can shoot threes (from NBA range?) and can penetrate, this does not necessarily mean much at this point.  The ability to penetrate depends a great deal on the quality of the defenses that you face.  If you are penetrating at will against players who will not even be able to play on their middle school teams, it is not the same as if you are doing the same against people who are playing on elite AAU teams.  If you are making threes without anyone closing out hard on you, it’s not the same as if you’re able to hit them while closely guarded.

Overall, I would say it’s too early to be thinking about your chances of making it to the NBA.  That’s largely out of your control.  All that you can control is how hard you work.  If you work hard, you’ll have the best chance to maximize whatever talents you have.  If you can do that, you’ll have succeeded even if you don’t ever get drafted.

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