Describe the level of involvement and the involvement factors likely to be associated with buying a new computer.

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Level of involvement is how important a customer considers a purchase and the amount of consideration that they take before making a purchase. For example, a low-level involvement refers to purchases that you often don't put a lot of thought into, or something that you would purchase almost automatically, such as purchasing groceries at the supermarket. Under this rule, you would think that a computer would have a medium to high level of involvement, as it is a more expensive product that is often considered to be more of an investment. The involvement factors refer to the things that you consider when making a purchase. When purchasing a computer, you might consider things like your budget, your needs (will the computer be able to do what you need it for, such as gaming or graphic design?), and the situations in which you will use it (do you need something portable, or a desktop?).

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