Can productivity be achieved by sacrificing quality?

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This is a great question. The answer will entirely depend on the context. Let me start with an answer of "yes". If top quality is not important for a product then why not make things easier, so that productivity can be increased by sacrificing quality. For instance, products that do not need to last or products that are only used temporary do not need the highest craftmanship. In these cases, quality can be sacrificed. Now let me answer "no." For some products the sacrifice of quality may actually hurt productivity. If a product is expected to last and there are shortcuts in quality, then this can cause great problems down the line, which can decrease productivity. For example, what if there is a recall on a car, because it was not done well at first? Productivity will be hampered!

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Can productivity be achieved by sacrificing quality?principals of management t y baf  university exam question

This depends a bit on how you are using the term productivity.  If you are just talking about how many of a given product can be made in a given time then productivity can be achieved by reducing quality.

However, if you are talking about the quantity of money that you make in a given amount of time I would argue that, in the long run, you cannot achieve productivity gains in this way.  This is because the price you can get for your goods will surely go down in proportion to the quality.

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