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Interview at least five people, asking them about laws which they believe are unfair, then research the origins of those laws. Are the governmental reasons given for the laws' existence still valid today? Why or why not? How do the reasons of those you interviewed stack up against the government' s explanation for the laws?

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Research the regulations for street vending and performing in your city or town and then write an essay speculating on how you think Cruz's vendor would be treated if he were to ply his business in your neighborhood.

Interview a few recent immigrants to the United States, asking them about the role of street vending or performing in their countries. What differences do you see between their attitudes towards vending/performing and the attitudes of people in this country?

Spend a day at your local courthouse observing trials and proceedings, then write a description of your observations. Pay attention to the behavior of those being charged with crimes. Write a descriptive essay of your experience.

Compose an essay about an event in your life when you challenged institutional authority (school, the law, etc.), then craft a poem out of your essay. In what ways is the poem different from the essay?

Read Cruz's essay ‘‘Don Arturo: A Story of Migration'' included in his collections By Lingual Wholes and Red Beans. The last sentence of the essay reads, "The way he got here the story you have been told.’’ What do these words say about the truth of the essay, and what does the essay say about the truth of his poem "Business’’ ?

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