Bus Stop Topics for Further Study
by William Inge

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Topics for Further Study

(Drama for Students)

After World War II the U. S. government began an aggressive campaign to build a system of freeways that would link the United States and make travel between cities easier. Investigate the sociological impact of the highway system on rural America. How has life changed for these communities?

In Bus Stop, Bo and Virgil have just participated in the rodeo in Kansas City. Research the impact of rodeos on cowboy life. What rewards do cowboys receive from their participation in these events, other than awards?

Lyman is an alcoholic who has failed at his career and at several marriages. Investigate the role of alcohol addiction among professionals, such as Lyman, an unemployed college professor. What professions are most affected by this disease?

Alcoholism and sexuality are important themes in several of Inge’s plays. Compare Doc and his pursuit of Marie in Come Back, Little Sheba with the relationship of Lyman and Elma in Bus Stop.