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Cherie, an attractive chanteuse, slightly past her prime, who has been singing in a Kansas City nightclub but is now traveling west, allegedly for a film test at a Hollywood studio. She is hotly pursued by Bo Decker, who, having heard her rendition of “That Old Black Magic” at the nightclub where she entertained, was so completely captivated by her that he ended up losing his virginity to her. Now he insists that she must marry him, presumably to make him an honest man. Unsentimental about her fleeting affair with Bo, Cherie does not want to go off to live on Bo’s farm in Montana, although, as she considers her options, the prospect of marrying Bo seems to be a reasonable one for her.

Bo Decker

Bo Decker, a young, extremely innocent cowboy whose infatuation with Cherie consumes him. He will not leave her alone and is completely dismayed when she does not want to marry him. More financially secure than most of the men Cherie has met, and certainly not unattractive, Bo is a good catch, but it takes Cherie a while to realize that. Cherie enlists the sheriff’s help to keep Bo from pursuing her, but finally she accedes to going to Montana with him.

Virgil Blessing

Virgil Blessing, Bo’s surrogate father and traveling companion. Virgil is a lonely man who has devoted himself to rearing Bo, whose parents are dead. When Cherie comes into Bo’s life, however, Virgil gives his blessing to their forthcoming union and bows out as they leave together on the bus for Bo’s ranch in Montana. Virgil represents pure love, and he ends up literally being left out in the cold when the bus pulls out.


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Virgil Blessing
Virgil is also a cowboy and Bo’s long-time friend. Significantly older than Bo, he functions as a...

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