Bus 9 to Paradise

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Leo Buscaglia is a best-selling author and popular lecturer on love and joy. Known affectionately as “Dr. Hug,” he has long advocated the power of love to change the world, as his previous books LOVE and LOVING EACH OTHER demonstrate. The whimsical title of this current work (suggested by a bus sign in Australia) reflects the somewhat lighter touch and style he brings to his philosophy here.

BUS 9 TO PARADISE is a series of reflections, very loosely related, to be read a few pages at a time, almost like a book of meditations. Buscaglia’s main purpose this time is to tell everyone to embrace all that life has to offer. “People often accuse me of putting it on.... My response is simple: I’m still alive and there is still so much to do, to experience, to love. Why shouldn’t I be happy?” Buscaglia has a passion for life, and each of his chapter titles begins with “A Passion for...” followed by such words as “Love,” “Food,” “Plants and Animals,” and ultimately “For All Stages of Life,” meaning even old age and death. “Death,” says Buscaglia, “is nothing to fear as long as we understand that each moment has a life unto itself with as much possibility of joy and happiness as we are willing to bring to it.”

This is certain to be an immensely popular book. Buscaglia’s earlier volumes are often sold out at bookstores and are perpetually checked out at the library. His newest book should win even more readers.