Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 9: Cochise and the Apache Guerrillas

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Study Questions
1. How did the conflict between Cochise and the U.S. begin?

2. What was the Apaches’ response to the murder of Mangas?

3. What were the results of the trial of the Tucson killers?

4. Why did Cochise want a reservation in Canada Alamosa?

5. On what basis was Eskiminzin imprisoned?

1. Cochise was accused of stealing cattle and kidnapping a half-breed boy.

2. The Apaches responded with raids on settlements and trails in Arizona and New Mexico.

3. The Tucson killers were found not guilty, and Lieutenant Whitman’s career was destroyed. He resigned after being submitted to three court-martials.

4. Cochise preferred the clear, cold water of the streams there, and he sought to avoid the flies in the mountains who attacked his horses, and the bad spirits in the mountains.

5. Because Eskiminzin was a chief, and imprisonment was a military precaution taken after the killing of Lieutenant Alma.

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