Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 8: The Rise and Fall of Donehogawa

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Study Questions
1. Who was Donehogawa?

2. Who went to Washington, D.C., to meet President Grant?

3. What was the trick played on the Sioux?

4. How did Donehogawa placate the Sioux?

5. What caused the downfall of Donehogawa?

1. Donehogawa was an Iroquois who had forged a friendship with President Grant and was appointed by Grant as Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

2. A delegation of the Oglalas, led by Red Cloud, and a delegation of Brules, lead by Spotted Tail, met with the President.

3. The treaty they had signed, as it was ratified by Congress, made no mention of the Laramie or Platte reservations, and instead stated that the Sioux agency would be on the Missouri River.

4. Donehogawa had Secretary Cox explain that the Sioux could still live on their hunting grounds and trade and receive goods outside their reservation.

5. Donehogawa's reforms of the bureau had turned political bosses against him, and his blocking of the Big Horn mining venture had made him enemies in the West. Then, in 1870, Congress blocked the appropriation of funds for buying reservation supplies, William Welsh charged him with fraud, and the House investigated him. Shortly thereafter, he was forced to resign his office.

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