Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 7: “The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Indian”

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Study Questions
1. Who was the leader of the Southern Cheyennes and Arapahos?

2. Why did the Indian chiefs stay put?

3. How did General Hancock respond to the Indians leaving the conference, and what was the Indians’ response to Hancock?

4. For the Indians, what was the impact of the death of Roman Nose?

5. Why did the Southern Cheyennes divide?

1. Roman Nose was the leader of the Southern Cheyennes and Arapahos.

2. The chiefs decided against joining because they disagreed about strategy.

3. Hancock burned the Indian's entire abandoned camp, and the Indians responded by destroying telegraph lines and attacking soldiers’ camps and stage stations.

4. The Indians suffered a loss of morale after Roman Nose's death and grew to believe that their tribes would ultimately be defeated.

5. Little Robe ordered Tall Bull and the Dog Soldiers to leave the reservation because they had provoked trouble with the whites.

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