Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Questions and Answers Chapter 5: Powder River Invasion

Dee Brown

Questions and Answers Chapter 5: Powder River Invasion

Study Questions
1. What was the Powder River tribes’ reaction to the rumors of soldiers surrounding them, and why did they have that reaction?

2. What did the Cheyennes say would stop their attacks on whites?

3. Why was Sitting Bull opposed to negotiating with the soldiers?

4. What did the Cheyennes learn from their September charge against the Army?

5. What fate did the Galvanized Yankee troops meet in the winter of 1865?

1. The tribes were skeptical because they thought their country couldn’t be invaded.

2. The Cheyennes would agree to halt their attacks once the government hung Colonel Covington.

3. Sitting Bull didn’t trust the soldiers and was against begging them.

4. The Cheyennes learned of the necessity of using guns against the Army.

5. Half of the troops died from scurvy, malnutrition, and pneumonia, and many others deserted.