Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 4: War Comes to the Cheyennes

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Study Questions
1. Why did whites begin settling in Colorado in large numbers?

2. What were Black Kettle’s reasons for not fighting the whites?

3. What Indians did John Evans say could be killed?

4. Why were the Southern Cheyennes invited on the expedition against whites at Platte Bridge Station?

5. What was the ultimate result of the Sand Creek massacre?

1. Gold was discovered at Pikes Peak in 1858.

2. Black Kettle wanted to be friendly and peaceable, was not able to fight the whites, and wanted to live in peace.

3. Evans said that all those not on a reservation could be killed.

4. The Southern Cheyennes were invited to take revenge for the massacre of their relatives.

5. The Cheyennes and Arapahos were pushed off their claims in the Territory of Colorado.

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