Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 3: Little Crow's War

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Study Questions
1. To where did the Santee Sioux retreat during the ten years before the Civil War?

2. Why did the Santees become angry at the U.S. during 1862?

3. How did Sibley respond to the message Little Crow sent him on September 7?

4. What reward did the murderers of Little Crow receive?

5. Describe the physical properties of the Santee reservation.

1. The Santees retreated to a strip of territory along the Minnesota River.

2. The annuities promised the Santees by treaty were not given, and the reservation agent for the Upper Agency refused to give them food from his warehouse.

3. Sibley ordered Little Crow to hand over the prisoners he held under a flag of truce if he wanted to be talked to “like a man.”

4. The standard bounty for an Indian scalp and a $500 bonus.

5. The reservation was set on barren lands that had little rainfall, little hunting available, and undrinkable water.

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