Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 2: The Long Walk of the Navahos

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Study Questions
1. What was the name of the first fort the Army erected on Navaho lands?

2. Why did the Navahos attack the fort’s soldiers?

3. What sparked the Army’s massacre of the Navahos?

4. What did General Carleton say the Navahos must do to achieve peace?

5. How is General Carleton described?

1. Fort Defiance

2. To replace their horses and mules that had been shot by a company of mounted soldiers.

3. A disputed horse race between Manuelito, riding on his pony, and a lieutenant, riding his quarter horse.

4. Obey the Army’s orders for them to go to the Bosque Redondo reservation.

5. Brown describes Carleton as having a hairy face and fierce eyes with a “mouth … a man without humor.”

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