Questions and Answers Chapter 17: The Last of the Apache Chiefs

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Study Questions
1. What was the reaction to Clum’s demand for the Army soldiers to leave?

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2. Why did Victorio decide to resist the U.S.?

3. Why did General Crook return to Arizona?

4. How did the War Department punish General Crook for Geronimo’s escape?

5. Why did General Crook avoid fighting the Apaches?

1. After Clum's demand, there was outrage in Washington, D.C., New Mexico and Arizona, and Clum decided to depart for Tombstone.

2. Victorio believed that resistance was the only way to avoid the extinction of the Apaches.

3. Crook returned in order to restrain and organize the Army soldiers and white civilians.

4. Crook was given a severe reprimand and forced to resign.

5. Crook believed that fighting the Apaches would have been too difficult and too expensive.

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