Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 16: “The Utes Must Go!”

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Study Questions
1. What did Ouray receive in his treaty negotiations?

2. What was the effect of the $1000 annual stipend, lasting for 10 years, that was given to Ouray?

3. What did Meeker think would force the Utes to work for him?

4. Who wrote the anti-Ute article?

5. Where were the rest of the Utes sent?

1. He received 16 million acres of forest and meadows, and the promise that whites would be prohibited from entering the Ute’s land.

2. He had motivation to maintain the status quo and became increasingly allied with the U.S.

3. Meeker believed that if he replaced their ponies with draft horses, their movement would be limited, and he believed controlling their rations would force them to work for him.

4. William B. Vickers was the author of the article.

5. The Utes were sent to land in Utah unwanted by the Mormons, and a small strip of territory in southwestern Colorado.

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