Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Questions and Answers Chapter 14: Cheyenne Exodus

Dee Brown

Questions and Answers Chapter 14: Cheyenne Exodus

Study Questions
1. What were the Northern Cheyennes’ objections to being put on the Cheyenne-Arapaho reservation?

2. What was the Cheyennes’ impression of Carl Schurz?

3. What was the disagreement between the Cheyenne chiefs?

4. How did the U.S. respond to the Cheyennes’ request to go north?

5. Where were the Cheyennes at Fort Keogh sent?

1. On the reservation, there was no game to hunt, the water was bad, rations were insufficient, and there were too many mosquitoes and too much summer heat.

2. The Cheyennes named Schurz “Big Eyes” and wondered how, with such large eyes, he could be so ignorant.

3. Some chiefs thought it was best to die on the reservation, while others wanted to go north.

4. The U.S. forced the Cheyennes to return to the reservation for fear that if they were let go, it would fracture the reservation system.

5. They were sent to a reservation on the Tongue River.