Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

by Dee Brown

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Questions and Answers Chapter 1: “Their Manners are Decorous and Praiseworthy”

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Study Questions
1. What tribe did Christopher Columbus meet upon landing in North America, and where did he meet them?

2. What four Indians gave aid to the Pilgrims, and why?

3. Who led the Indians’ war against Massachusetts colonists?

4. What was the Indians’ nickname for Andrew Jackson?

5. Who was the most powerful Indian tribe in the West in 1860?

1. The Taino, in San Salvador.

2. Samoset, Massasoit, Squanto, and Hobomah volunteered to aid the Pilgrims because they knew some English.

3. King Philip of Pokanoket.

4. The Indians called Andrew Jackson “Sharp Knife.”

5. The Sioux.

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