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(Great Characters in Literature)


Querry, a retired church architect in his mid-fifties who has come to the heart of Africa to escape fame and failure at love. When Querry arrives at a leper colony in the Congo, he decides to stay only because the boat can go no farther. Feeling depressed and spiritually empty, he describes himself figuratively as a “burnt-out case,” comparing his lack of emotion to the leprous condition of losing one’s fingers and toes to the disease and losing the feeling in one’s hands and feet. Soon after his arrival at the colony, Querry is drawn out of his emotional isolation by his friendship with Dr. Colin, the colony’s physician, and his affection for his servant, Deo Gratias. Eventually, Querry begins to experience a rebirth of interest in life and humanity. He draws up plans for a new hospital, and he shows Christian charity toward Marie Rycker, the young wife of a factory owner. Ironically, just as Querry begins to enjoy life and discover God, his happiness is cut short by Marie’s husband, who kills Querry in a jealous rage, falsely thinking that Querry has had an affair with Marie.

Dr. Colin

Dr. Colin, the sole physician of the leper colony, also a man in his mid-fifties. Colin can be seen as Querry’s opposite: While Querry struggles with his loss of religious faith, Colin is comfortable with his own atheism; while Querry fears and shuns the world around him, Colin embraces all humanity with loving kindness and compassion. Although he battles almost futilely against the poverty and disease that ravish his patients, and although he has no religious faith to sustain him, Colin never loses his belief in humanity and the power of good works. Colin is the only character who understands Querry’s spiritual dilemma, and Querry looks to him for encouragement and advice....

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