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1. Describe the range of role models you see in your family and community. Write about the hopes and dreams they foster.

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2. Compare attitudes toward authority figures in your community to their prescribed mission. Describe incidents and experiences that either support or contradict this mission.

3. Write an oral history of an older member of your family. Ask this family member about work history, about adversities they faced. Try to discover how they survived these difficulties.

4. List several occupations and industries that are predominant in your community. By talking to family members, and conducting research, explore ways these occupations have influenced the community.

5. Write a screenplay for filming one or more scenes from Buried Onions. Discuss characters and actions you would emphasize or eliminate.

6. Taking a recent incident of youth violence as a starting place, analyze both the causes and effects of this violence on the community.

7. Within the last sixty years, the United States has shifted from a largely rural to a largely urban culture. Research the agricultural background of your community.

8. Trace the varieties of ethnic groups in your community. First, with peers, note the ethnic backgrounds of parents and grandparents. Then construct a time line of group immigration to this community (or country).

9. Write in depth about a Hispanic author, musician, artist, or a representative of popular culture that you admire.

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