The Bulletin and the Rise of Australian Literary Nationalism Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Francis Adams
Poetical Works (poetry) 1887
Songs of the Army of the Night (poetry) 1887

J. F. Archibald
A Golden Shanty: Australian Stories and Sketches; Prose and Verses by Bulletin Writers [editor] (short stories and poetry) 1890

William Astley (Price Warung)
Tales of the Convict System (short stories) 1892

Barbara Baynton
Bush Studies (short stories) 1902

E. J. Brady
The Ways of Many Waters (poetry) 1899

Christopher Brennan
Poems (poetry) 1913

Frank J. Donohue
A Sheaf of Stories for the Centenary Year (short stories) 1888

Edward Dyson
“A Profitable Pub” (short story) 1887

James Edmond
“A Cannibal Story” (short story) 1888

J. Farrell
“One Christmas Day” (short story) 1884

Miles Franklin
My Brilliant Career (novel) 1901

Joseph Furphy
Such Is Life (novel) 1903

James Hebblewaite
A Rose of Regret (poetry) 1900

Henry Lawson
Short Stories in Prose and Verse (short stories and poetry) 1894
In the Days When the World Was Wide (poetry) 1896
While the Billy Boils (short stories) 1896
Joe Wilson (short stories) 1901

Campbell McKellar
A Premier's Secret and Other Tales (short stories) 1887

Bernard O'Dowd
Dawnward? (poetry) 1903

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson
The Man From Snowy River (poetry) 1895
Old Bush Songs (poetry) 1905

Roderick Quinn
The Hidden Tide (poetry) 1899

Astley Riverina
Half-Crown Bob and Tales of The Riverine (short stories) 1898

Steele Rudd (Arthur Hoey Davis)
On Our Selection (short stories and sketches) 1899

A. G. Stephens
The Bulletin Story Book 1881-1901 [editor] (short stories) 1901
The Red Pagan (criticism) 1904

James Brunton Stephens
Convict Once and Other Poems (poetry) 1885
Collected Poems (poetry) 1902