Bullet Heart

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Gaetan Averill wanted to build his golf course, never mind the human remains under what was to be the fourteenth tee. When the remains were first discovered, the bones of a white woman were sent to a cemetery, while Indian bones went to a museum. Not wanting to delay the process further, Averill made sure other finds were kept quiet.

Yet Gaetan Averill has a bigger problem than the golf course and the bones. His son, who has changed his last name to Avril, is plotting to return much of Averill’s property to the Indian families to whom it originally belonged. Avril wants to right old wrongs that few people are even aware of, while his father does his best to keep the family secrets well hidden.

Outraged that their ancestors were considered artifacts, the local Indians try legal means to reclaim the bones. In the meantime, a white man named Tyrone Little steals the bones from the museum, returning them to the Indians. Tyrone’s actions earn him the respect of some of the Indians, while others call him a “wanna-be” for his interest in Indian affairs, or accuse him of working with the FBI. Oddly enough, Avril is the only person who knows the truth about Tyrone.

This is a complex book, with characters that are not exactly what they seem to be on the surface and whose lives connect in intricate ways. The story pieced together from multiple points of view, much like a puzzle that only makes sense when the last piece is laid in place.