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Bud is helped by a lot more than only five people in this great book. One of the first people that helps Bud is the librarian. She helps Bud determine the distances to Chicago and how long it would take him to walk there. In the previous chapter, a family at the mission allows Bud to be their kid in order to ensure that Bud gets a meal. Lefty Lewis picks Bud up, so Bud doesn't have to keep walking through potentially dangerous cities and towns. Lefty also takes Bud back to his house in order that Bud can get another good meal. Lefty also volunteers to drive Bud all the way in to Grand Rapids. Steady Eddie and the rest of the band do a great job of making sure that Bud is taken care of. What's also great about their care is that they give Bud some direction and responsibility. Bud works hard for the band, and he really comes to think of them as his family. I could even make a case that the Amos family helps Bud. The situation crumbles quickly, but they did make an initial effort to get Bud out of the orphanage.

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Many people help Bud on his way to try and find the man he believes is his father.

Bugs, another orphan from the home, hears that Bud is on the run and finds him at the library. Bugs helps Bud to learn about how to ride the trains so that he can get to where he thinks his father may be.

Deza Malone lives at Hooverville, a town of cardboard shacks. She helps teach Bud how the community of homeless people operates. She teaches him about things like how to clean up the dishes after the shared meal.

Lefty Lewis finds Bud walking along the road and convinces Bud to let him help him. He helps insure that Bud gets a meal, a good night's sleep and to the man that Bud is sure is his father.

Miss Grace Thomas is the singer in Mr. Calloway's band. She takes Bud in when Mr. Calloway is not sure about him and provides him with comfort, safety and a maternal influence.

Steady Eddie is just one of the band members who is kind to Bud and takes him in as one of their own. He gives Bud advice and starts him on the road to being a musician by giving him a recorder. He also gives Bud a saxophone.

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