What keepsake did Bud retain from his mother in "Bud, Not Buddy"?

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Bud carries several items that belonged to his Momma in his suitcase throughout the novel. Every night before Bud goes to sleep in the Home he checks to make sure all the items are in his suitcase. Throughout the novel, Bud carries his suitcase everywhere he goes and is very protective of its contents. The most important items Bud keeps in his suitcase are the five flyers which belonged to his mother. The flyers depict Herman E. Calloway and his various bands performing at different locations. Herman E. Calloway is a famous musician and Bud believes that he is his father. Bud also keeps a picture of his mother in an envelope. Bud's mother is young in the picture and looks sad because she is sitting on a small horse wearing a cowboy hat. The last items Bud saves from his mother are five rocks that he keeps in an old tobacco bag. These rocks have locations and dates written on them. Bud uses the flyers, the stones, and his mother's photograph to help lead him to Herman E. Calloway.

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