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The relationship and encounters between Bud and Bugs in "Bud, Not Buddy"


Bud and Bugs share a close friendship in "Bud, Not Buddy." They meet at the orphanage and later reunite in a Hooverville. Their encounters highlight mutual support and camaraderie, as they plan to ride the rails together in search of better opportunities. Their relationship is marked by loyalty and the shared experiences of hardship during the Great Depression.

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What is the relationship between Bud and Bugs in Bud, Not Buddy?

Bud and Bugs are friends. They are also travel partners for a short time.  

Bud explains that he and Bugs met when they were both staying at the Home together. Bud tells his readers a great little story that explains why people call Bugs "Bugs." It's because a cockroach once got stuck in his ear.

After Bud enacts his vengeance against Todd Amos and escapes from the Amos household, he decides to go out "on the lam." In chapter 8, Bud is reunited with Bugs. The two agree to team up and head out west together by illegally riding on the trains. On their way to the train yard, the two boys spend some time in a Hooverville shantytown and meet Deza Malone. Bud gets his first kiss, and then the two boys prepare to catch the train. As the train is leaving, Bugs manages to get himself on it, but Bud is unable to catch the moving train. Bud is then forced to consider the option of walking to Grand Rapids.

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What encounters did Bud have with Bugs in "Bud, Not Buddy"?

The most memorable experience that I remember between Buddy and Bugs is when Buddy tells the story about the roach.  Buddy says that a cockroach crawls into Bug's ear.  The people at the home try to get it out but just pull off its legs and Bugs has to go to the hospital.  Buddy says Bugs was screaming loudly. 

When Bugs gets back from the hospital Buddy asks if they took the roach out of his ear.  Bugs says that they did.  Then Buddy asks if he was scared. When Bugs tells Buddy he wasn't scared Buddy wants to know why he was screaming.  Bugs said if he was screaming he didn't know it because of all the noise the cockroach was making.  Bugs told Buddy that when that cockroach saw those tweezers coming toward him he started yelling "my legs, my legs...." Bugs said the roach yelled so loud that he couldn't hear a thing.

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