What is Bud's flashback about when Mr. Calloway warns him not to touch anything in the bedroom?

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Bud is already nervous when he is left alone in the bedroom, due to his complicated relationship with adults. When Mr. Calloway comes in and locks the closet and warns Bud that there are bells hidden all over the room that will alert him if Bud is snooping or trying to steal, Bud is immediately reminded of when he and the children from the Home were swimming at the local YMCA. The flashback is of a white lifeguard warning Bud and the others that children who looked like them had been caught urinating in the pool; therefore, there was a chemical added to the pool that would burn them and turn red if they urinated. Bud is taken back to the humiliation of being considered a bad person because of the color of his skin. He also feels that Mr. Calloway is mean, and Bud doesn't understand how he could be anyone's father.

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