In Bud, Not Buddy, why was Steady Eddie Bud's favorite?

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In the story Bud, Not Buddy, Steady Eddie is one of the members of Mr. Herman E. Calloway's band. Steady Eddie is the saxophone player and quickly comes to Bud's defense as the band members tease him.

When Bud first meets the band members, he is on a quest to convince Calloway that he is Bud's father. Though Bud is eventually invited to eat dinner with the band, Mr. Calloway brushes off the notion that Bud could be his son and leaves Bud to the care of the band members. Most of the band members subject Bud to some good-hearted teasing, as would be the case among band members on the road. However, Steady Eddie realizes that Bud is young, troubled and unaccustomed to the sort of teasing the band members are dishing out. As they continue to tease Bud, Steady Eddie directs them to stop. Steady Eddie also provides Bud with some much needed advice about dealing with Mr. Calloway. These caring actions quickly make Steady Eddie Bud's favorite band member.

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