Chapter 8 Summary

Bud hears a stick snap and is worried that someone is sneaking up on him; he has been sleeping under a tree outside the library. A body crashes into him, but as they tussle, Bud realizes it is his friend Bugs.

Bud asks Bugs why he is not at the Home and Bugs explains that he has left the Home to ride the rails (railroad cars) and has come to see if Bud wants to accompany him. Bugs also asks for the details of Bud’s fight at and flight from the Amos household. Bugs declares Bud is a hero!

As they talk, Bugs explains what it is like to travel by train. Bud believes riding the rails is a fine idea, so they agree to travel together. They spit in their palms and shake hands, sealing the deal and their...

(The entire section is 846 words.)