Chapter 12 Summary

Bud and Lefty Lewis say their farewells to the Sleet family. Lefty informs Bud that on the previous evening when the boy had fallen asleep in the car, Lefty sent a telegram to Bud’s father so he would know his son was safe and on his way home.

Bud is relatively sure that this turn of events has confused Herman E. Calloway as much as Bud himself. Lefty has errands to run, however, so they head toward Grand Rapids. Suddenly a siren sounds behind them and they see flashing lights: the police are pulling Lefty over. Bud is sure the law has caught up with him. There is a box on the seat between them, and Lefty quickly instructs Bud to place it under the seat.

Lefty leaves the car to speak to the policeman, who...

(The entire section is 565 words.)