Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Bruce Chatwin is known principally for his semiautobiographical novels and for his remarkable ability to interweave fact and fiction in highly imaginative ways. In addition to his novels, Chatwin wrote a travelogue, In Patagonia (1977), his first full-length book and the one that made him famous. He also collaborated with Paul Theroux on Patagonia Revisited (1985; expanded as Nowhere Is a Place: Travels in Patagonia, 1992). After his death, two volumes of his essays appeared: What Am I Doing Here (1989) and Anatomy of Restlessness: Selected Writings, 1969-1989 (1996). In 1993, Far Journeys: Photographs and Notebooks was published, edited by David King and Francis Wyndham.