What is the narrator's relationship with the other girl in the story 'Brownies'?

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One member of a scouting troop, Laurel, is the narrator of “Brownies.” Although she has individual relationships with all the other Brownies, certain aspects of her behavior set her apart. Laurel, nicknamed Snot, is a thoughtful, observant girl who tends to think ahead more than some of her peers. She has a conflict with Arnetta and Octavia, in particular, because she does not fully endorse the plan to attack the white girls. Some of her reservations are based in her doubt that the white girls used the N-word in referring to Daphne; this doubt figures into her conflict with Arnetta, who is the main person making that claim. Because Arnetta is a strong, charismatic leader, opposing her plan makes Laurel unpopular. Her further objection that the white girls might put up a violent resistance makes her seem cowardly to them.

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