My Brother Sam Is Dead

by Christopher Collier, James L. Collier

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Student Question

What activities does Tim enjoy doing with Jerry Sanford in My Brother Sam Is Dead?

Expert Answers

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Early in the story readers are told that Jeremiah "Jerry" Sanford is a few years younger than Tim, and we are told that they are friends and like to do a lot of things together. Readers have to continue on to about page 40 in order to read a solid list of the activities that both Tim and Jerry enjoy doing together. When the weather is hot, they like swimming in the mill stream or climbing trees in Jerry's woodlot. The two boys also like going to Tom Warrups's place to listen to the various stories he had about the Indian wars. Tim also lists some specific games that they like to play, but Tim doesn't explain how the games are played. He specifically mentions "mumble-the-peg," "spin tops," and "duck on the rock."

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