The Bronze Bow Questions and Answers: Chapters 22-24
by Elizabeth George Speare

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Questions and Answers: Chapters 22-24

1. What does Jesus ask in order for Daniel to follow him?

2. What startling news does Leah deliver to Daniel, and how does he react?

3. How does Simon define faith?

4. How does Daniel finally decide to follow Jesus?

5. How does Daniel demonstrate that he has truly accepted Jesus’ message of acceptance?

1. Jesus commands that Daniel relinquish his hatred. It is not enough for him to give up all his earthly possessions; in fact, those are of little consequence to Jesus. Instead, Daniel must replace his hate and intolerance with love and acceptance.

2. Leah tells her brother that the Roman soldier, Marcus, has been coming to visit her ever since last summer. There have been plenty of signs that Leah has had a suitor: care in herself and her appearance, the many small gifts that Daniel has misattributed to coming from Malthace, and most especially, her glowing spirit. Daniel dismisses all of these things and reacts violently, forbidding Leah to ever see Marcus again and even threatening to kill him.

3. Simon defines faith as a leap into the unknown. “God hides the future from men’s eyes,” he says. “We are forced to choose without knowing.”

4. Leah is nearing death, and Daniel reaches out in desperation. He remembers everything that Jesus has done: healing the sick, feeding the hungry, even raising the dead. Unlike Rosh, Jesus cares for each member of his flock. He comes to Daniel’s home and fills the house with his luminous presence. Daniel knows the answer to his most pressing question: “Was it possible that only love could bend the bow of bronze?” Having tried all other avenues, Daniel has never known anything else to work. He makes a great leap of faith. Although he does not know the future, he chooses without knowing the outcome. Daniel chooses Jesus.

5. Daniel invites the soldier into his home to say good-bye to Leah. This final act proves that Daniel has embraced Jesus’ message of acceptance for all.