How are the Biblical account and The Bronze Bow account alike and different?

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First, the genres of the two works are quite different. The Bronze Bow is a novel, a fictional work written as a form of entertainment for young adults. The New Testament is a religious document, gradually composed over a period of several decades from oral traditions.

While The Bronze Bow has a single narrator and viewpoint and a consistent story, the New Testament consists of four different Gospels and various other letters and narratives that collect together an assortment of narratives and sayings, chosen for making spiritual points rather than creating a coherent and compelling work of literature. 

The main antagonists in The Bronze Bow are the Romans. This is a story that focuses on how best the Jews can live under Roman rule, using sentimental portrayal of a young Jewish man to make the argument that following Jesus is a better choice than direct rebellion. The New Testament is not strongly anti-Roman. In many ways the Jews are as much the antagonists as the Romans, who tend to be portrayed as administrators who are sometimes harsh but often distant and pragmatic. 

The other major difference is that novel evokes deeply personal sentiment, verging on sentimentality, while the New Testament is deeply theological. 

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