What impact do Jesus's eyes have on Daniel in their first encounter in The Bronze Bow?

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Jesus's eyes have a profound effect on Daniel when they come face to face for the first time in The Bronze Bow. Although Jesus's eyes are filled with warmth and friendship, they're also searching and demanding, and this makes Daniel feel scared.

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Jesus has a profound and lasting effect on everyone he meets. And Daniel's no different. Although it will take some time after their first meeting before Daniel finally sets foot on the path that Jesus has set for him, Daniel is still profoundly affected by that fateful face-to-face encounter.

In particular, Daniel is struck by Jesus's eyes, which convey so many different, contradictory qualities. As well as displaying warmth, friendship, and welcome, they are also searching, disturbing, and demanding.

Jesus tells Daniel that he's glad he's come. And yet Daniel, far from feeling reassured by these words of welcome, is actually afraid. It's only when Jesus turns away that the fear subsides and he feels able to breathe again. Daniel may be very far away from becoming another one of Jesus's followers, but for now, he senses that there's something special about this man, this religious teacher who has already attracted so many people with his powerful message of peace and goodwill to all men.

To be sure, Daniel hasn't yet grasped that message and is a long way from doing so. But at the very least, he can tell straight away that there's something about this man that his good friend Simon's been raving about for so long.

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