What are Samson's feelings towards Daniel and vice versa? Describe Daniel's cave home.

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In Elizabeth Speares novel for young adult readers 'The Bronze Bow' her main character Daniel is given a helper called Samson but Daniel is conflicted about his feelings about the helper and often seems to even feel guilty about his thoughts. Samson is jeered by the other men for his enormous size for he is seen as a giant - albeit a deaf, non-verbal one who is insulted by being called idiot or stupid. However, Daniel is in no doubt that Samson is of great use to him, much more useful than the younger workers who keep running to him for help. He saves time and work because of his resilience and strength and for this Daniel seeems to be grudgingly grateful. However, he cannot seem to give Samson any more support than this because the ill-feeling and humiliation that gets thrown towards Samson often to include him as well. He is also puzzled by Samson, wondering about things such as his apparent deafness. The other men play tricks on Samson but Daniel probably feels that he could do a lot more to defend him.

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