In Chapter 5 of The Bronze Bow, who does Hezron believe Jews owe their loyalty to?

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In Chapter 5, Daniel is invited to eat with Herzon and his family. During the meal, Daniel and Herzon begin to talk about the Roman occupation of Capernaum. Daniel loses his temper when Joel comments that some of the Romans are actually friendly. Herzon says that they must be grateful to the Romans for building a beautiful Jewish synagogue. Daniel criticizes the synagogue because it was raised with Roman taxes, and swears to never set foot in it. Herzon then explains to Daniel that the Jewish residents still grieve about their captivity, and says that the Zealots have bad judgement because they drastically underestimate the power of Rome. Herzon tells Daniel that Israel's greatest strength is its Law that was given to Moses and passed down through generations. He says, "It is to the Law that our loyalty must be devoted" (Speare 68). Herzon is a Pharisee and believes that the Law separates God's chosen people from everyone else. He strictly observes the Law and tells Daniel that when the last Roman emperor has vanished from earth, the Law will endure forever.

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