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Summary and Analysis Chapter 19

Daniel leads his group into position in order to save Joel from the Romans. Daniel does not believe that he will survive the ordeal, but he means to see that Joel does. Daniel knows that all the boys are prepared to sacrifice themselves, but Daniel, as their leader, resolves that this will not occur. Still, he worries about walking into a trap.

Finally, Joel comes into view. Driving him forward is a guard with a whip. Daniel waits for the right moment and then gives the signal. They all hurl rocks at the Romans below, but Joel cannot find a way to escape.

Suddenly, an enormous rock tumbles down the hillside. Samson, who had been faithfully trailing Daniel, has dislodged the rock. Daniel suffers injuries in the melee and soon passes out. When he awakens, Kemuel is attending to his injuries. Joel is unhurt and by his side. Daniel learns how Samson heroically saved them. The giant of a man removed Joel’s shackles with his bare hands and then threw Joel atop Daniel. Nathan and Kemuel, who were behind the large rock, pulled...

(The entire section is 368 words.)