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Summary and Analysis Chapter 18

Out of breath and frantic, Malthace arrives at Daniel’s shop with the news that Joel has been taken. Centurions had arrested him the previous day. Malthace fears that he will be sent to the galleys, where he could not possibly survive. Daniel is numb but tries to reassure her that Rosh will know what to do. Daniel asks Thacia to take care of Leah while he goes up the mountain to ask for the rebel leader’s help.

Rosh, however, shows no concern for Joel at all. Daniel cannot believe his ears. He urges Rosh to help plan an attack to retrieve Joel, but Rosh refuses, saying, “It’s not my affair.” Daniel is livid. He blows up at Rosh, but to no avail. Rosh turns ugly, telling Daniel that his “soft streak” has always been his fatal flaw. Finally, Daniel makes the break with Rosh. His eyes are opened and he sees a man he “had never really looked at before.” Daniel now knows that he is finished with “the mountain...

(The entire section is 337 words.)