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What was the outcome of the Battle of Plassey?

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The battle between British forces led by Major-General Robert Clive and the army of Siraj ud-Daulah at Plassey took place in June of 1757. It was a victory for Clive, who lost around twenty men while Siraj ud-Daulah lost closer to five hundred.

The outcome of this skirmish put Mir Jafar into place as the Nawab of Bengal and helped Britain gain a foothold in what would eventually become widespread dominion over India. Mir Jafar colluded with the British to enrich and empower himself and enabled the establishment of British military might that ultimately pushed other European colonizing countries such as France and Holland off the Indian subcontinent. The British East India company grew in power and authority and controlled states throughout the continent with nawabs they appointed and directed.

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