Brighton Beach Memoirs

by Neil Simon

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What values does each character hold in Brighton Beach Memoirs?

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Eugene, the main character in the play, values playing baseball and dreaming about his future greatness as baseball player or writer. He devotes himself to chronicling everything that is happening to the Jerome family and trying to escape blame from his parents. His father, Jack, values supporting the family through working two jobs and trying to guide his children and nieces as they mature in a supportive way. His wife, Kate, values controlling her family and protecting them, often to the point of obsessiveness. She also would like to see her widowed sister, Blanche, remarried. Blanche values being largely dependent and protected by her sister (Kate) and brother-in-law (Jack) and keeping protective watch over her two children. Stanley, Eugene's older brother, values helping his father and his family through hard work. Nora, Blanche's older daughter, values her looks and wants the adventure that would come from being an actress on Broadway, while her younger sister, Laurie, wants to get as much attention as she can by milking her heart condition for all it's worth. 

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