Brighton Beach Memoirs Critical Context (Comprehensive Guide to Drama) - Essay

Neil Simon

Critical Context (Comprehensive Guide to Drama)

(Survey of Dramatic Literature)

Brighton Beach Memoirs is one of several Neil Simon plays that explore the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in a wide range of humorous contexts. Simon makes extensive use of this particular type of play, comedies about the pitfalls facing all types of people as they strive to establish and maintain relationships. His plays consistently create a mood of wry humor, suggesting that people should not take themselves too seriously. The play Brighton Beach Memoirs appears to be a semi-autobiographical sketch, with characters based on his family and the friends of his youth in New York City in the Depression years.

Simon’s wit has given his audiences much to laugh at, beginning with his first play, Come Blow Your Horn (pr. 1960, pb. 1961). After its success, he continued to charm his audiences with his sensitivity concerning people and their relationships in a variety of musicals, including Little Me (pr. 1962), Sweet Charity (pr., pb. 1966), and Promises, Promises (pr. 1968, pb. 1969). Simon is able to reveal through his writing a keen sense of human nature. While he writes with compassion and understanding about serious human situations, he never seems to lose sight of the humor inherent in those situations. He is an observer of life, and he writes about what he sees going on around him.

Simon has created numerous plays that are amusing yet also tender examinations of ordinary people;...

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