The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

Junot Diaz

Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

Yunior, the first-person narrator, is a student at Rutgers University, along with Oscar. One night, as he is walking the streets alone, he is beaten severely. Practically incapable of caring for himself, Lola comes to his rescue. He falls for her, they have a short-term relationship, but she ends it out of guilt over her boyfriend. Yet Yunior’s feelings do not change.

Lola is going to Spain, as her “big chance” has come. Because of Oscar’s despondent state, she worries about leaving him alone. He is the only important thing in her life. She asks Yunior to take care of Oscar and to make sure he does not do anything drastic. Yunior is aware of Oscar, having seen him around campus,...

(The entire section is 995 words.)