The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Junot Diaz

Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis

Beli, the mother of Oscar and Lola, was raised in the Dominican Republic by her foster-mother (La Inca), who expected great things of her. La Inca sent Beli to one of the better private schools in order to put her in an environment more fitting for the daughter of a famous surgeon. Beli, however, hated school, except for the boys there. She became somewhat boy-crazy despite the teacher informing her mother of the problem. As far as friends, the closest Beli came to having a female friend was Dorca, the daughter of their cleaning woman. Dorca worshipped the ground Beli walked on, and Beli allowed her to.

Things change when Beli at last matures physically. She attracts a lot of attention,...

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