The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

Junot Diaz

Chapter 7 Summary and Analysis

Oscar comes to visit Yunior, who is living apart from Lola (they are now a couple). Yunior continues to have a problem with fidelity, which of course has upset Lola. Oscar asks Yunior for a loan so that he can pay the security deposit on an apartment. Since Oscar never asks anyone for money, Yunior thinks it is strange but willingly gives it to him. Oscar is planning on returning to his teaching job at Don Bosco. In the meantime, he has an unidentified date (which will turn out to be Ybón in the Dominican Republic). However, Yunior states that by Saturday Oscar will be gone, foreshadowing tragic events to come.

Oscar returns to the Dominican Republic and is greeted by Clivas, an...

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