The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Chapter Summaries

Junot Diaz

Chapter 1 Summary and Analysis

The Dominican Republic is presented by the unidentified narrator as a focal point of the fukú, a curse of doom brought to the island by Christopher Columbus (known to the Dominicans merely as “the Admiral”). No Dominican family goes untouched by the fukú, each one knowing someone whose life has been altered, even ended, by this curse.

One such person is Oscar, the son of Dominican immigrants living in Paterson, New Jersey, during the time period of 1974 through 1987. Attractive as a young boy, Oscar managed to have two girlfriends in elementary school: Maritza, a lovely and popular girl, and Olga, less attractive but having a primal and tragic presence for Oscar. When Maritza forces Oscar to choose between herself and Olga, Oscar chooses the more attractive Maritza. However, a week later, Maritza is seen with another boy and effectively dumps Oscar. Devastated, Oscar sinks into self-pity and the self-destructive behavior of overeating. By high school, Oscar is well over two hundred pounds and is the object of much hazing and teasing. Adding to his marginalization is his obsessive interest in science fiction and fantasy, particularly in role-playing games. However, the most damning fact about Oscar is his virginity. In a catch-22, Oscar cannot get a girlfriend because he has never had a girlfriend. This lowers himself in the eyes of the Dominican community. Even his best friends are embarrassed by his failures in romance. His sister Lola is his only support.

In his SAT study class, Oscar meets Ana, an attractive girl who had a 24-year-old boyfriend when she was thirteen. Ana admits that this boyfriend, Manny, beat her regularly. Manny is now in prison but is soon to be released.

Ana unaccountably enjoys spending time with Oscar, who inevitably falls in love with her. When Manny is released and is reunited with Ana, Oscar is heartbroken. When Ana shows up with bruises and admits to being beaten by Manny, Oscar takes his uncle’s gun and waits for Manny to arrive at his apartment. When Manny never shows up, Oscar returns home, admitting to his sister Lola his intentions. She is horrified that he would risk his life for revenge.

Oscar is accepted into Rutgers University, where he hopes to make a new start. However, he once again...

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