Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Fay Langdon

Fay Langdon, the narrator, in her late sixties as she tells the story. A rather ordinary woman, she is intelligent and still pretty, though conscious of aging. She becomes nervous and lonely in the late afternoon, and she fights melancholy. Born Fay Dodworth, she believed in the stories of Hollywood musicals and sang romantic songs on the radio. She yearned for happiness and gave up her work for marriage, then spent much of her life waiting for her husband, Owen—and later her lover, Charlie—to come to her. She was unhappy in love, missing intimacy with Owen and stability with Charlie. She was fascinated by Charlie’s wife, Julia, though she never really liked her, and later feared that Julia would discover the adultery. In later life, she attempts to break out of her rut by doing charitable work and seems to be beyond yearning.

Julia Morton

Julia Morton, formerly Margaret Julia Wilberforce, the wife of Charlie Morton. She has just died, at almost eighty years of age. She was tall, slim, and hard, with heavy eyelids over pale blue eyes. She was sardonic, heartless, restless, and dangerous. She used coarse language but was not sensual. She worked as an aristocratic nightclub comedienne and later dressed in an out of date elegance. After Charlie’s death, she became an irritable and demanding recluse. She believed in the right of women to behave capriciously. She became a sterile old lady, and Fay notes...

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