Bridget Jones's Diary

by Helen Fielding

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The characters in Helen Fielding's 1996 novel, Bridget Jones's Diary, include Bridget's friends, family, and lovers.

The title character, Bridget Jones, lives in an apartment in London. The novel itself takes the form of a series of monthly journal entries. At the beginning of the year (and of the novel), she makes a series of New Year's resolutions, comprising two lists of things that she will and will not do. These lists reveal to the reader elements of Bridget Jones's lifestyle, as well as her witty and bumbling personality. Bridget works in publishing (and dates her boss), but her dream is to work in television.

Bridget's closest friends are Tom, Sharon, and Jude.

Tom is a gay man whom Bridget frequently calls with various quandaries. He is supportive of Bridget and self-deprecatingly calls himself a "hag fag" (a reversal of the slang "fag hag"). Though he is a reliable friend, he questions some of her motivations and believes that she looked better before finally reaching her goal weight of 119 pounds.

Sharon and Jude are Bridget's closest female friends. Sharon goes by "Shazzer" and exudes a feminist personality. She can be harshly critical but is well-meaning and a good source of both support and inspiration for Bridget.

Jude works at a bank called "Brightlings" and holds a position as Head of Futures. She is in a long-term relationship but is not entirely happy and secure, despite her high-powered position. Like Sharon and Tom, she is a sounding board for Bridget (especially concerning matters involving men).

Bridget's mother has a sort of mid-life crisis when, after thirty-five years of marriage, she realizes that she wants to leave her husband for a young Portuguese man who ends up stealing money from her. She is nevertheless a source of inspiration for Bridget.

Daniel Cleaver is Bridget's boss. He is clever and charming but does not have an exclusive relationship with Bridget, though they are intimately involved with one another. One day, Bridget finds another woman at his apartment and resolves to leave him and focus on a new career in television.

Mark Darcy is the foil for Daniel Cleaver. He is shy and not outwardly charming, but he is a quietly successfully lawyer, though he is modest about his wealth. He is a family friend of the Jones family and used to play with Bridget when the two were children. Bridget and Mark seem to be star-crossed, as Bridget does not hear the doorbell during their first date. He ends up helping Bridget's family recover after being swindled by Bridget's mother's young Portuguese lover.

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