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Bridge to Terabithia

by Katherine Paterson

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Terabithia is the imaginary kingdom where Jesse and his best friend Leslie play together. One afternoon, in Chapter 5, the friends imagine that they are holding a "council of war" as they play in Terabithia together, and they talk about how to get even with the bully Janice Avery:

That afternoon, crouched in the stronghold of Terabithia, they held a council of war. How to get Janice Avery without ending up squashed or suspended-that was their problem.

Jesse and Leslie are angry with Janice for being mean to them over and over, but they're especially angry with her for stealing the special Twinkies from Jesse's little sister, May Belle. So they think of different ways to teach Janice a lesson and make her stop bothering May Belle and others. It's a difficult goal, because they don't want to get in trouble themselves, and whatever they do to Janice they have to do in secret: they don't want Janice to know it's them who's messing with her or she'll be even worse to them.

Their first idea is to take some sort of physical revenge: to mess with Janice's bus seat by putting honey on it, or to sabotage her hand lotion by adding glue to it. But the friends reject these ideas, knowing they would be messy and that they might get caught.

Their second idea is to try to get Janice caught smoking in the bathrooms at school. But they reject this idea also, realizing that Janice might realize who told on her. 

Finally, the "war council" decides to exact revenge on Janice by tricking her into thinking she has a date with her crush.

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